I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Lisbon #sqlsatlisbon

I am looking forward to travel to Lisbon the upcoming weekend. This will be my very first time in Portugal – so I am very excited about the trip.

SQL Saturday Lisbon has invited me to speak about two topics (like roughly all of the accepted speakers – so my first impression about the Portugese is: they bleed us white :-)).

  • A Game of Hierarchies – From GROUP BY to Recursive CTE’s
    This talk covers basically two topics. First, how to apply different GROUP BY clauses to get detailed rows and summary rows in the very same query. Second, how to leverage Common Table Expressions (CTE’s) to visualize so-called parent-child hierarchies. Instead of the “usual” AdventureWorks-demos I invested time to build my own sample database, which is based on George R. R. Martin’s epos “A Game of Thrones”. You should be able to enjoy this session, either if you are interested in SQL solutions to query hierarchies, or if you are interested in the books or the HBO TV show. 🙂
  • My Favorite Pie (Chart): Simple Rules for Clear Visualizations
    In this session I pick up on the discussions if Pie Charts are good or bad on the one hand, and come up with a hand-full guidelines which will help you to check & improve your reports, charts & dashboards on the other hand. In this 60 minutes version of the talk I will not do any classic live demos, but the slides will be filled with good and bad visualisations which I am glad to discuss with you – be prepared for an interactive session. Let’s make Data Visualizations great again! 🙂

I hope I see you in Lisbon!

Sincerly yours,
Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Lisbon #sqlsatlisbon