SQL PASS Summit 2015 Keynote #1 (Wednesday)

In 2015 the PASS Summit is the 16th annual meeting of data platform professionals, gathering 5500 total registrations.

PASS President Tom LaRock remembered everybody to welcome #sqlfamily members with a #sqlhug.

Keynote speaker was Joseph Sirosh, Corporte Vice Precident, Data Group.

Analog data will disappear, and digital data got the majority. In short cloud/internet connected data will be the majority. We moved from an age of hardware to an age of software and heading towards an age of data (online recommendations, customer experience, …). Microsofts tool for this is “Cortana Analytics Suite”.

“We are all big data” through 2GB of genomic data.

Eric Fleischman, Chief Architect andVP Platform Engineering, DocuSign, explains how they can cope with the increasing growth of the company, and the data coming with that. Their decision was against open source, as the want to “use” a database system and not “write” a database system.

As averagely two documents are signed every second their system generating 180 Mio events a day.

Engines of data: mission cricital OLTP, high-performance DW, end-to-end mobile BI, with advanced analytics on top of it.

Most of the vendors built their systems (in slow cycles) and ship it afterwards to the cloud. Microsoft is the only company, who builds everything for the cloud and ship it later on-prem. Gartner rated Microsoft as a leader in completeness of vision and completeness of execution.

Shawn Bice, General Manager, Database Systems Group, tells that companies who are able to embrace the data are far more succesful. Big bats:

  • everything is built-in (no add-ins or so)
  • Mission critical OLTP
  • Most secure database: least vulnerable database the past 6 years in a row
  • highest performing data warehouse: won against the other vendors
  • Ent-to-end MobileBI on any device: a fraction of the cost comp (USD 120 against Tableau (USD 480) or Oracle (USD 2230), self-service BI per user)
  • In-database Advanced Analytics: R + in-memory direct to the platofrm
  • in-memory across all workloads
  • consistent experience across cloud and on-prem

Learnings from the experiences with Azure went into SQL 2016 on-prem.

Polybase removes the complexity of big data by enabling T-SQL over Hadoop by providing “external tables” within SQL Server. JSON support will also help a lot of projects.

Real-time is learn and adjust as things are happening. ColumnStore Indexes on top of in-memory (Hekaton) tables will enable this. Combined with embedded R Services the data is accessable to data scientist, without moving the data, but analysing it where it already is.

Rohan Kumar, Partner Director, Engineering shows a showcase with customer “p:cubed”. on a machine with impressive 480 logical processors. Monitors a huge amount of transaction, calculating customer rewards, both in real-time.

Non-Clustered Index will be updateable with SQL 2016. On top of an im-memory table this index will not sacrifice the performance of the oltp-table.

Advanced Analytics enables to include R-scripts within T-SQL code without moving data outside of the data platform and therefore enableing real-time analyitcs. As oltp-data lies in-memory, the data does not even touch the disk from the time it is tracked until it is analyzed.

“Always Encrypted” guarantees, that the encryption key and the deciphered text is available on the client only. The content is never stored in a decrypted way on the server (neither on disk, nor in the buffer pool memory).

Stretch Database allows to combine hot and cold data in one logical table, but actually moves the cold data out to cheaper disks, instead leaving it on the expensive storage, designed for hot data. It will still be queryable in the common way, as the technology is completely transparent to the client. And it works together with “Always Encrypted”.

The stretched part will show up as a “Remote Query” in the execution plan.

Joseph Sirosh: “Our industry does not respect tradition, but does respect innovation.”

Cloud helps to transform hardware to software, software to services and data to intelligence.

Sincerly yours,
Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

SQL PASS Summit 2015 Keynote #1 (Wednesday)

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