My Favorite Candy Bar (Chart) at PASS Summit

I am really proud that my abstract has been accepted by the abstract review team for PASS Summit 2015 in Seattle. Therefore I will speak for the 3rd time at the PASS Summit. I do appreciate, that I am not only attending THE conference dedicated to SQL Server worldwide, but also being able to be part of a conference I am a huge fan of, since I attended the first time in 2011.

Like last year, I will have again “10 minutes of fame” 🙂 during a Lightning Talk session (during a 75 minutes General Session slot together with 5 other speakers which is dedicated to datavisualisation). This year I will talk about “My Favorite Candy Bar (Chart)“, which will be a sequel zu last years session with title “My Favorite Pie (Chart)”.

Last year I took a sample Pie Chart which did show values for 8 different products. Even when I told the audience, that 7 values where identically, but one had a bigger value, nobody could identify the product with the biggest value (which was 10% (!) bigger than the others). I think that showed very clearly, that in this case a Pie Chart was the wrong type of visualisation.
I ended up converting the Pie Chart into a column chart which made the difference very clear.

I wont reveal all details to this year’s session, but I can tell you so much:
This time I will show a Bar Chart, which will improve hugely by converting it into Pie Chart – no, I am not kidding.
If you are curious about how I could change my mind since last year, just come into my session! 🙂

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen
@MEhrenmueller & @SQLederhose

My Favorite Candy Bar (Chart) at PASS Summit

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